Bainbridge individual and child therapy
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We provide individual, couples, and family therapy services for people of all ages.  Parent coaching is frequently intertwined whenever we work with children and adolescents.

We take a strength-based, positive psychology focus, in everything that we do.  This focus is based on the field of positive psychology as articulated by Martin Seligman of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania.  We also incorporate strategies from the fields of CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), mindfulness, stress management, the Gottman Institute, applied behavioral analysis, and systemic family therapy.

Lifespan Therapy Support

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If you would like more information or wish to schedule an appointment, please call or send us an email under Contact Us. Our office manager will contact you to gather initial information and to schedule an appointment. During this initial appointment you will meet with one of our clinicians to discuss what you needs wish to address. We will then discuss a tentative plan of action.